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Commercial Roof Repairs

Is your commercial roof leaking, ponding water, or just not functioning properly?

Our expert commercial roofing contractors can inspect it, determine the problem, and fix it quickly. For leakages, we use top-quality roof mastic for patchwork and reinforce it with polyester fabric, creating a strong patch to make your roof as good as new. You can be confident you won’t have any similar roofing issues in the future.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Roof damages are costly and can tarnish the reputation of your commercial facility, which is bad for business. Often, they start as small undetectable issues that expand into serious roof problems. The best way to avoid these issues is to have regular commercial roof maintenance by professionals. Our commercial roof experts use proactive measures to protect your roof and boost its useful life.

Commercial Coatings

Our roofing team uses APOC Roof Coating on commercial roofs. It is an elastomeric coating that forms a seamless and flexible layer of protection for your roof and is designed to dramatically reduce interior temperatures. A significant degree of flexibility gives the coating the ability to expand and contract with the movement on the roof. It is resistant to mold and mildew.

Our Portfolio Of Work

What Sets Us Apart. 

  •  State Licensed C-39 Contractor

  •  2 Million Dollar General Liability full coverage policy with an “A” rated carrier

  •  Workmen’s Compensation insurance and fully bonded

  •  State Licensed Structural Engineer’s on call

  •  State Certified Home Efficiency Consultant’s on staff

  •  Superior Customer Service/Warranty Service

  •  Roof Maintenance Programs

  •  Homeowners Maintenance Checklist

  •  What You Can Expect During Our Installations

  •  Private-Government-City Contracts (Prevailing & Non-Prevailing Wages)

  •  Material Releases upon completion

  •  Full Service Blueprint and Estimating

  •  Full Service Maintenance Crews

  •  All Jobsites Fully Supervised

  •  All Jobsites Completed in a Timely, and Professional Manner

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